Twice during the academic year(October and March) students must pre-register so that the committees can validate the assignment of subject and tutor.
Without this validation it will not be possible to make the registration and final deposit for the defense of the TFG/TFM. The list of validated projects (subject, student and tutor) will be posted on the School’s website to avoid possible confusion.
A list of topics for the TFG/TFM offered by the Departments is available on the School’s website. If you are interested in any of them, we recommend that you talk to the teacher who has proposed it in order to reach an agreement and be able to pre-register.
The link to the form to enter the basic data of the TFG/TFM, so that you can fill it in in case you want to undertake the TFG or TFM this academic year, is the following one:
(Deadline for pre-registration: November 4):
On the other hand, in order for you to have information about the procedure to follow for the completion of your TFG/TFM, all interested parties are invited to an informative online meeting on October 27th at 13:30 h. If you are interested in attending you must register using the following link:

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