Students who meet the following academic and administrative requirements are eligible to apply for the December 2017 special call.

Academic requirements: interested students will be required to have a maximum of one course and the Final Degree Project pending for the completion of their studies.

Administrative requirements: must be enrolled by July/September 2017. They will also expressly state their desire to participate in this call for applications by applying
at the Center Administration from November 2 to 10, 2017.

In the event that the student does not pass the subject in this special call, and does not exhaust the maximum number established in the current regulations, he/she may attend the corresponding evaluation call in each case: for subjects of the first semester, the January call, and for subjects of the second semester or annual subjects, the June call.

In the event that the student does not pass the Final Degree Project in December, he/she will be able to use the July exam.

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