COURSE 2019/20

The defense of the TFG/TFM for the 2019/20 academic year, July call, will be carried out as a priority by.
However, on an exceptional basis, the defense in person will be allowed if the need for it is justified and if the following conditions are met
explicitly approved by the rest of the members of the tribunal and the student.
The defense of the TFG/TFM may be carried out in the departments’ facilities with the following conditions
protocol that they deem appropriate for their directors.
The School’s Graduation Room will also be set up for this purpose, and the following procedure must be strictly followed
1. The Sala de Grados will be available exclusively on July 15 for defenses.
2. Only the student and the members of the examining board shall have access to the Graduation Room. The following will not be allowed
access by others.
3. The Graduate Room must be reserved sufficiently in advance with the office of the
School, where a commitment of acceptance of this protocol will be signed (see attached sheet).
4. All persons accessing the room must wear a mask, use the gel
disinfectant to be located at the entrance of the room and to keep a separation of 2 m between them.
5. For the presentation, the student’s personal computer must be used, and the following may not be used
the one in the classroom, but the projector.
6. It is the responsibility of the presiding judge to ensure that the areas in which the
The student and the court (including controls, keys, etc.) are perfectly disinfected once the
after the end of the session. Adequate cleaning equipment shall be provided and efforts shall be made to ensure that the
School cleaning staff to be on the lookout.
7. The classroom must remain ventilated, so the windows must be opened before and during the defense.
weather conditions permitting, it being the responsibility of the Chairman of the Board of Directors to
court to make sure of this aspect.
8. Defenses will be of a maximum of one hour per paper, leaving 15 minutes between a defense and the next one.
following for proper cleaning and ventilation. The counseling office will inform you of the free hours for
to make a reservation.


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